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Payroll World Training Courses

Payroll World has been well respected by payroll, HR and finance professionals for over ten years for incisive comment and practical advice. Building on the popular and respected Payroll World Update Conferences, we also offer a select range of CPD certified short courses to develop real skills in key areas of payroll and related organisational change.

Essential Guide to Payroll

This two-day course is designed for those requiring a thorough grounding in how to identify gross pay, including any commission, overtime, statutory payments (eg SMP) prior to calculating tax and NI to arrive at net pay. Delegates are taken through how to run a manual payroll system or service and HMRC tax tables so that they can understand what their payroll system or service provider should be delivering.

By attending this course you will become able to:

  • Calculate gross to net wages
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest legislation
  • Understand the payroll obligations of an employer
  • Be more confident in dealing with employee questions

This is an ideal course for those with some experience of payroll, those new to payroll who need something at a quicker pace and those who need an overview of the key subjects in payroll.

Available dates: 10-11 September 2014 / 3-4 December 2014

Click here for more information and to book your place, call the events team on 020 7940 4801 or email

International & Expatriate Payroll

This one day course covers all of the issues a business needs to know when dealing with international employees.

Whether you are:

  • bringing foreign nationals to work in the UK
  • posting UK nationals to work abroad
  • running local payrolls in other countries

Our course will explain what you need to do, and when. With globalisation of business, the international secondee is becoming the norm in companies from large to small. UK employer obligations will still apply to many of these employees – make sure that you don’t fall foul of the rules.

The course can also be run as an in-house programme, and can be tailored to include legislative detail on the particular jurisdictions you work with.

Available dates: 9 September 2014 / 1 December 2014

Click here for more information and to book your place, call the events team on 020 7940 4801 or email

Manual Calculations: Post RTI

The introduction of RTI has thrown a spotlight on many payroll departments’ working practices, particularly with regard to the need to report pay data on or before the date of payment. Whereas in the past many missed or erroneous payments would have been dealt with by a simple cash advance corrected through the next payroll run, the need to present accurate and timely pay data to HMRC is in turn driving the need to completely re-calculate such payments to replicate what should have gone through the payroll gross-to-net calculation.

This is an ideal course for those who need a refresher course on the basics of manual calculations.

Available dates: 5 September 2014 / 9 December 2014

Click here for more information and to book your place, call the events team on 020 7940 4801 or email

Pensions Auto-Enrolment Seminar

How and when is your organisation planning to respond to this year’s pension reforms? Payroll World has launched an essential seminar to ensure you understand the legislation and your obligations.

You don’t have long until you have to comply with new legal obligations to automatically enrol your eligible employees into a pension scheme. From October 2012 many employers have a responsibility to make employer contributions. Are you ready?

Even businesses that already offer pension schemes to employees will have to be sure that they are compliant with the new legislation.

Hear from relevant government bodies and in-house payroll professionals that have already implemented the changes to give you the best chance of understanding the legislation, implications and practical advice on what you need to do now.

Call 020 7940 4801 or email for more information.

Statutory Payments

This course is designed to cover all payments that employers must make to employees in certain circumstances. It explains Statutory Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Sick, Redundancy and Guarantee Pay as well as National Minimum Wage. Each scheme has different entitlement rules and calculations, with some offering a chance to recoup a portion of the cost of them from the government. Making these payments is compulsory when the trigger circumstances are met, and any errors or omissions may result in the employer being penalised.

The course is ideal for anyone working within the Payroll or HR area that have direct responsibility for calculating or administering entitlement to these payments. We include a top 10 of typical employee queries about each type of payment and give clear strategies on how to explain these complex entitlements to those with no background understanding of the subject. An ideal development opportunity for those who have recently moved into this area, or for those wishing to develop their skills after attending our Essential Guide to Payroll.

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