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Payroll is changing… and so is Payroll World

The payroll industry is constantly evolving in response to changes in technology, process and legislation. What’s more, the overall role of the function itself has transformed. Payroll remains essential in ensuring people are paid the right amount at the right time, but there are now many additional concerns.

What was once a back-office operation has evolved into a key strategic area for business, holding essential data and ensuring compliance with a growing list of regulations handed down by government. Professionals in the sector now have pensions and employee benefits within their remit and operate in the wider reward space, growing ever closer to HR.

In recognition of this, there will be some exciting changes to Payroll World in spring 2017, including:

  • A new website, with brand new structure, content and much more
  • A fresh new look, feel and focus for the magazine
  • A new brand for all of our events

More details will be revealed in the coming months. Make sure you’re kept informed of what’s changing and when by becoming a member of the ‘payroll is changing’ update group. Fill in the form below and we’ll keep you in the know with monthly updates.

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