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New powers for TPR following auto-enrolment scheme concerns 19 May 2016

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) will be given new powers for regulating master trust schemes to protect auto-enrolled workers, according to plans set out in the Queen’s Speech. Read full story

Select committee: AE at risk from weaknesses in pension regulation 16 May 2016

The Work and Pensions Select Committee says automatic enrolment (AE) into employer pension schemes is a “success story”, but major concerns have arisen over where funds are being invested. Read full story

TUC: Brexit would mean excessive hours for 1m more workers 10 May 2016

A million more employees are at high risk of being forced to work excessive hours if the UK votes to leave the EU, according to analysis from the TUC. Read full story

Error in travel and subsistence legislation 6 May 2016

HRMC has admitted the wording of new legislation on travel and subsistence is incorrect and requires amendment. Read full story

Government announces plan to limit tip deductions 4 May 2016

Proposals to limit employer deductions from discretionary tips and service charges have been announced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Read full story

Regular voluntary overtime should be reflected in holiday pay, says tribunal 3 May 2016

Voluntary overtime work should be reflected in holiday pay calculations if it is “sufficiently regular”, according to a Midlands (West) Employment Tribunal ruling. Read full story

Apprenticeship levy allowance rules to be amended 29 April 2016

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has published further guidance on the apprenticeship levy, detailing amendments to the rules regarding the offset allowance. Read full story

Sharp rise in escalating auto-enrolment fines 29 April 2016

Figures from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) show the number of escalating penalty notices issued has risen sharply. Read full story

CBI: Apprenticeship levy requires radical rethink 28 April 2016

Businesses have insufficient time to prepare for the apprenticeship levy and the government needs to “radically rethink” its design, warns Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the CBI. Read full story

TPR to provide new pensions list to help firms comply with auto-enrolment 27 April 2016

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is to publish a list of group personal pensions (GPPs) open to any employers seeking to comply with their auto-enrolment duties. Read full story

Research points to lack of investment in employee wellbeing 27 April 2016

While the majority of UK employers recognise the importance of employee wellbeing, they are failing to invest in strategies to support the welfare of their staff, says a survey. Read full story

Survey highlights data challenges of gender pay gap reporting 27 April 2016

Nine out of ten companies say they are prepared for the new gender pay gap reporting regulations, but concerns remain about accessing the necessary data, according to research. Read full story

TUC: Dads working full-time earn 21% more than men without kids 26 April 2016

Fathers working full-time get paid a fifth more than men with similar jobs who don’t have children, according to a new report published by the TUC. Read full story

New Sage guide champions payroll 22 April 2016

Payroll is the lynchpin of job satisfaction and the unsung hero of a winning business, says employer guidance from Sage. Read full story

Sage auto-enrolment guide aims to bridge employer knowledge gap 22 April 2016

Nearly half of business owners without a workplace pension scheme are still unclear about their responsibilities, according to the Sage Guide to Automatic Enrolment. Read full story

Football club fined £22,900 for auto-enrolment failures 21 April 2016

Swindon Town Football Company Ltd (STFC) has been fined thousands of pounds after it repeatedly failed to comply with its auto-enrolment duties. Read full story

Government backs down on union subs deduction ban 21 April 2016

The government has backed away from plans to ban workers from opting to pay their union subscriptions through payroll in the public sector – the so-called ‘check-off’ system. Read full story

Government hits out at firms cutting perks to fund National Living Wage 20 April 2016

Companies withdrawing staff perks to compensate for the cost of the National Living Wage are acting against the spirit of the legislation, according to the government. Read full story

Payback time for payroll fraudster 15 April 2016

A jailed businessman who stole from his workers’ pay packets has been ordered to repay criminal profits of over £884,000 or face six more years in prison. Read full story

Report: Survey reveals low morale among HMRC workers 12 April 2016

Staff at HMRC have little confidence in their senior leaders, with just one in four saying the organisation is well managed, according to a report. Read full story


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