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RTI: Starter process guidance amended 4 April 2013

HMRC has amended its guidance on the starter process to help increase accuracy for individuals with a P45 and more than one job. Read full story

RTI: Relaxation of reporting arrangements for small businesses announced 19 March 2013

A last-minute easement to Real Time Information (RTI) reporting rules for small businesses has been confirmed by HMRC and described as a “lifeline” by experts. Read full story

Exclusive: HMRC to announce last minute RTI easement for small employers 19 March 2013

HMRC is set to announce a Real Time Information (RTI) reporting easement for small businesses with less than 50 employees that pay their staff weekly or more regularly, Payroll World understands. Read full story

Last minute RTI new starter change 15 March 2013

HMRC has issued details of a revised new starter process to software suppliers just weeks before Real Time Information (RTI) becomes a reality for the majority of employers in the UK. Read full story

‘Don’t depend on RTI’ to reduce tax credits errors MPs tell HMRC 8 March 2013

Margaret Hodge, the head of an influential group of MPs, has told HMRC not to rely on Real Time Information (RTI) data to reduce tax credits errors. Read full story

HMRC expects ‘chewy moments’ when RTI launches 6 March 2013

HMRC boss Lin Homer says there will be “chewy moments” when Real Time Information (RTI) starts next month. Read full story

RTI final countdown starts today 6 March 2013

There is one month to go until the majority of employers start reporting PAYE data in real time to HMRC, in what is the biggest legislative shake up to payroll in decades. Read full story

FSB calls for RTI returns to be submitted just once a month 25 February 2013

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called on the government to ease Real Time Information (RTI) legislation so that firms only need to submit data to the Revenue once a month. Read full story

Video: SMEs ‘burying heads in the sand’ over RTI 21 February 2013

SMEs are burying their heads in the sand and not preparing adequately for PAYE reform, according to a company that has made a Real Time Information (RTI) rap to help employers fulfil their duties. Read full story

HMRC issues final RTI reminder 11 February 2013

HMRC are writing to employers as a final reminder of their responsibilities to report PAYE in real time from the first pay day on or after April 6. Read full story

PwC: Over-reliance on payroll providers threatens RTI success 5 February 2013

The success of Real Time Information (RTI) is under threat because too many employers are relying on their payroll providers to support them through the process, according to PwC. Read full story

HMRC publishes RTI pilot update 5 February 2013

With only two months to go before most employers have to report PAYE data to HMRC in real time the Revenue has published its latest pilot update. Read full story

'Staggering' lack of RTI awareness among SMEs 21 January 2013

SMEs are largely ignorant of upcoming PAYE reform, research has found. Read full story

HRMC warns against last minute RTI preparations 7 January 2013

HMRC has published recommendations for employers to prepare as early as they can for PAYE reform that comes into effect soon. Read full story

Staggering number of RTI hashes not matching despite HMRC claims 20 December 2012

More than a quarter of Real Time Information (RTI) hashes have not matched during the pilot, despite HMRC insisting there is a 95% success rate, figures reveal. Read full story

HMRC publishes RTI FAQs for expats 19 December 2012

HMRC has published a list of frequently asked questions to help employers with expatriates working in the UK or overseas cope with Real Time Information (RTI). Read full story

HMRC clears up confusion over when RTI FPS should be sent 12 December 2012

Following conflicting advice HMRC has confirmed when the Full Payment Submission (FPS) should be sent when operating Real Time Information (RTI). Read full story

RTI project over budget, HMRC blames pilot 6 December 2012

HMRC says that the Real Time Information (RTI) project has run over its £124m budget. Read full story

RTI interim penalty regime removes the incentive for employers to report in real time 30 November 2012

The interim Real Time Information (RTI) penalty regime that will run until April 2014 will remove the incentive for many employers to report in real time, experts warn. Read full story

RTI penalty regime published - no late penalties until 2014 29 November 2012

The penalty regime for Real Time Information (RTI) has been published by HMRC, confirming that there will be no late penalties until April 2014. Read full story


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