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HMRC: "It is important to record the correct number of hours your employees have worked" 16 July 2013

HMRC is urging payroll to be careful when reporting the RTI hours worked field so staff do not miss out on any benefits owed to them. Read full story

RTI costs businesses double what the government predicted 9 July 2013

The cost to businesses of switching to Real Time Information (RTI) is double that predicted by HMRC, according to research by the Forum of Private Business (FPB). Read full story

HMRC confirms number of RTI non-filers 8 July 2013

Hundreds of thousands of companies that have failed to report Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC have been contacted alerting them to their obligations. Read full story

HMRC: RTI benefits not immediate 25 June 2013

The full benefits of Real Time Information (RTI) will not be felt immediately by employers, HMRC has conceded. Read full story

Thousands of Sage customers sent penalties after RTI blunder 21 June 2013

As many as 5,000 Sage payroll customers mistakenly assumed they were part of the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot and have been sent penalty letters by HMRC as a result. Read full story

RTI-avoiding employers to face penalties this week 19 June 2013

Letters warning of financial penalties for employers that have failed to report Real Time Information (RTI) are being sent out by HMRC this week. Read full story

Extension to RTI easement gives breathing space to small employers 18 June 2013

Small employers are set to benefit from the extension of an RTI reporting easement that will now run until spring next year. Read full story

Premier League clears up position on club PAYE debts 11 June 2013

The Premier League has confirmed that none of England’s top-tier football clubs has an outstanding PAYE bill, after an MP highlighted the issue affecting clubs lower down the chain. Read full story

Incorrect NI number suffix issue resolved 11 June 2013

HMRC has stopped sending out incorrect National Insurance numbers (NINO), which emerged as an ongoing problem last month. Read full story

RTI: HMRC set to contact thousands of non-compliant PAYE schemes 5 June 2013

Up to 600,000 PAYE schemes have not switched to Real Time Information (RTI) yet and a large number of employers are set to be contacted by HMRC imminently as a result. Read full story

HMRC dismisses extent of RTI tax code problem 4 June 2013

Concerns over incorrect tax codes being issued under Real Time Information (RTI) have been raised by payroll managers, but the accusation that up to 40,000 individuals could be affected by the problem has been rejected by HMRC. Read full story

HMRC pins hope on RTI as it misses its fraud target by billions 22 May 2013

Taxpayers are set to continue losing billions because HMRC is failing to reduce tax credits error and fraud, MPs say. Read full story

Glitch prevents RTI annual scheme registration 22 May 2013

Employers are currently unable to register annual schemes with HMRC due to a computer glitch. Read full story

NI numbers issued without suffixes 17 May 2013

HMRC has issued a number of National Insurance numbers (NINOs) with the final letter missing, following NINO Verification Requests and RTI Full Payment Submissions made by employers with missing or incorrect NINOs. Read full story

HMRC’s own software fails to file RTI 8 May 2013

HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools software, used by some small employers to run their payrolls, is failing to file Real Time Information (RTI) submissions. Read full story

RTI easements contribute to scheme's smooth start 7 May 2013

More than a million employer PAYE schemes have started to report Real Time Information (RTI) to the Revenue since the payroll reform was launched last month. Read full story

RTI: Initial success reported but issues persist 12 April 2013

The launch of Real Time Information (RTI) has encountered a number of minor issues, though payroll suppliers broadly report initial filing success. Read full story

HMRC: RTI launched as planned despite strikes and IT maintenance 9 April 2013

HMRC says that more than 70,000 PAYE returns have been submitted using Real Time Information (RTI) since April 6 and that union strike action and routine IT maintenance work has had no effect on the launch. Read full story

RTI causes chaos as filing of P45 returns disabled 8 April 2013

HMRC has disabled the filing of P45 and P46 returns for all employers reporting Real Time Information (RTI), including returns that relate to the previous tax year. Read full story

P45 internet submission problems continue 4 April 2013

HMRC is investigating an ongoing issue with P45 data not being received despite being sent electronically by employers. Read full story


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