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Payback time for payroll fraudster 15 April 2016

A jailed businessman who stole from his workers’ pay packets has been ordered to repay criminal profits of over £884,000 or face six more years in prison. Read full story

Payroll thief jailed after duplicating redundancy payments 21 January 2016

A fraudster has been jailed for 32 months after stealing £300,000 while working in the payroll department of delivery firm Yodel. Read full story

Five bailed after auto-enrolment fraud swoop 10 November 2015

Five people arrested in an auto-enrolment fraud investigation have been released on bail. Read full story

Concern over tax fraud in haulage industry 6 November 2015

Fraud involving the tax status of lorry drivers is becoming a serious concern for the transport industry, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has warned. Read full story

Reading businessman jailed for stealing employees’ tax 25 September 2015

A businessman from Reading who stole more than £1m from his workers’ pay packets has been jailed for four years after ignoring demands from HMRC to pay his tax bills. Read full story

Pub landlord convicted of payroll and tax fraud 16 September 2015

A former pub landlord has been given a suspended prison sentence after an HMRC investigation revealed he had invented employees to steal almost £84,560 in a payroll and tax fraud. Read full story

Payroll company director jailed for fraud 17 August 2015

The director of three payroll and bookkeeping companies has been jailed for two years after stealing over £250,000 by pocketing employees’ tax and NICs and failing to pay VAT bills. Read full story

Payroll administrator jailed for multi-million pound fraud 1 September 2014

A payroll administrator who stole £2.9m from a City firm has been jailed for four years after a hearing at the Old Bailey. Read full story

Payroll fraud and error contributes to billions lost in NHS 25 March 2014

Payroll fraud and error in the NHS is contributing to £7bn being lost a year, according to accountancy firm BDO and the University of Portsmouth. Read full story

KPMG: Males with at least five years service most likely to commit payroll fraud 21 March 2014

Lax controls in payroll departments are the main cause of payroll fraud, warns KPMG. Read full story

Payroll data theft at Morrisons - employee arrested 14 March 2014

A Morrisons employee has been arrested following a payroll data theft that resulted in the details of 100,000 staff being leaked to a local newspaper and published online. Read full story

Find out how the changing demographic of the workforce will affect payroll 10 March 2014

A comprehensive look at the effect demographic changes in the workplace will have on payroll is the subject of a session at the Payroll World Spring Update this month. Read full story

Cheque imaging to cut clearing times 7 March 2014

Plans to cut cheque clearing times to as little as two days by making use of cameraphones have been proposed by the government. Read full story

Pregnant nurse guilty of working while on sick leave 17 February 2014

A pregnant nurse has admitted to fraudulently working while she was receiving nearly £5,000 in sick pay from another employer. Read full story

HMRC targets NIC-avoiding workers 12 February 2014

A quarter of a million workers wrongly classed as self-employed to avoid paying National Insurance contributions (NICs) are being targeted by HMRC. Read full story

P35 scam warning 7 February 2014

Fraudsters posing as HMRC are targeting payroll professionals in a P35 scam. Read full story

Lapdancers cleared of kidnapping over unpaid wages 3 February 2014

Three lapdancers accused of kidnapping a nightclub owner over unpaid wages have been cleared of any wrong doing. Read full story

US payroll officer addicted to gambling stole more than $1m 3 December 2013

A US payroll officer has been accused of stealing the wages of 848 nurses to fund a million-Dollar gambling addiction. Read full story

Disgraced police chiefs under pressure to repay £100,000 in allowances 27 November 2013

Two former police chiefs are under pressure to return £100,000 in allowances that were paid with “no solid legal base”. Read full story

Confidential salaries revealed from Australia's national broadcaster 25 November 2013

Salary details of staff at Australia’s equivalent of the BBC have been published after accidentally being sent to one of the country’s MP. Read full story


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