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All the guidance you could ever need

By Ian Holloway, head of legislation and compliance at Cintra HR & Payroll Services

Whether you are finishing 2016-17 (with the pending declaration of benefits in kind) or starting 2017-18 (getting used to new tables and guidance), this post attempts to put all the current guidance into one document:

Benefits and expenses (tax year 2016-17)


Expenses and Benefits A-Z
P11D Guide (a brief guide to P11D completion)
Booklet 480
Booklet 490
CWG5 (Class 1A National Insurance on benefits)


Expenses and benefits 2016-17 (online P11D and P11D)
P11D (pdf)
P11Db online form
Working sheet 1 (accommodation)
Working sheet 2 (cars and car fuel)
Working sheet 3 (vans)
Working sheet 4 (loans)
Working sheet 5 (relocation expenses)
Working sheet 6 (mileage)

Payroll (tax year 2017-18)


Taxable Pay Tables (Manual Method)
Tables A (Pay Adjustment Tables)

The Calculator Method tables are discontinued from 2017-18 onwards.

National Insurance

CA38 (Table Letters A, H, J, M and Z
CA40 (Employee-only Contributions)
CA41 (Table Letters B and C)
CA42 (Foreign-going mariners and deep-sea fisherman)
CWG2 (Further guide to PAYE and NICs)

Statutory Payments


SSP (Employer guide to pay)
SMP and Leave (Employer guide)
SAP and Leave (Employer guide)
SPP and Leave (Employer guide)
ShPP and Leave (Employer guide)


SSP (linking tables)
SMP (table of dates for employee entitlement)
SAP (table of dates for employee entitlement)
SPP (birth – table of dates for employee entitlement)
SPP (adoption – table of dates for employee entitlement)

Student Loans

SL3 (Student Loan Deduction Tables)
Guidance for employers

Posted on 11th April 2017 by Jerome Smail



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