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TUC: Great Repeal Bill hands power over workers’ rights to judges, not parliament 4 April 2017

The proposals for the Brexit-related Great Repeal Bill fall short of the Prime Minister’s promise to fully protect and maintain all workers’ rights derived from the EU, according to the TUC.

The white paper on the Great Repeal Bill, which provides detail on how the government intends to bring EU-derived workers’ rights into UK law, was published on 30 March.

Having studied the document, the TUC believes the bill puts workers’ rights at risk.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary, said: “The government proposes handing the power to change important rights and protections at work that British workers already have to judges. This means that important rules to protect workers could be overturned, without the UK parliament having any say.

“The protections affected could include your rights to full holiday pay, equal pay for women, stopping indirect discrimination because of your race or gender, and help for workers when they are outsourced to a new boss.

“The government is also taking wide-ranging powers that will allow ministers to scrap or water down rights like protections from excessive working hours, equal treatment for agency workers, and redundancy protections.

“The prime minister needs to think again. She should carve out a specific exemption in the Great Repeal Bill to stop holes being punched in the rights that working people in Britain currently have.”



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