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Revenue concedes RTI has 'unexpected problems' 1 April 2014

RTI has “unexpected problems” but businesses are making PAYE mistakes too, HMRC claims.

The Revenue has published advice for payrollers having trouble reconciling their PAYE charges, but admits that it has also had problems with its systems.

Included among the tips to employers is to allocate sufficient time for the Business Tax Dashboard to be updated by HMRC before checking it.

Employers are also encouraged to make sure they have submitted all their Employers Payment Summary and Full Payment Submissions for the month, as an estimated charge may be created by HMRC based on filing history instead.

An HMRC spokesman told Payroll World: “As expected with such a huge change, a few issues have been identified but, by working with employers and stakeholders, we have been able to resolve the majority quickly.

“Some have been caused by the way employers have entered data on their submissions and some as a result of unexpected problems with HMRC’s systems. When issues have been identified we have taken steps to resolve them and prevent them happening again.

“In the same way as employers, HMRC is continuing to learn and adapt and we will carry on making improvements as we move into 2014/15 tax year e.g. by enhancing our internal systems to include additional safeguards, for example, to automatically correct some types of common employer errors.”

Further information on reconciling PAYE charges can be viewed here.

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