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HMRC: RTI duplicate employment guidance published 24 March 2014

HMRC has updated its advice to payroll departments on avoiding duplicate employment records.

Following concerns that incorrect data is being submitted, the Revenue has extended the information it provides on ensuring Real Time Information (RTI) submissions are completed correctly.

Duplicate employment records for both current and former workers are being fed into the company payroll and passed on to HMRC’s own IT systems for the purposes of RTI processing.

A spokesman for HMRC said: “If you have either the wrong information in your payroll, or your payroll information does not match the data held by HMRC, it may result in HMRC issuing the wrong tax codes to your employees and former employees.

“It may also mean the charge calculated by HMRC does not match the amount that you believe to be correctly due to be paid.”

Further information on dealing with the situation is available on the HMRC website, here.

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