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Find out how the changing demographic of the workforce will affect payroll 10 March 2014

A comprehensive look at the effect demographic changes in the workplace will have on payroll is the subject of a session at the Payroll World Spring Update this month.

Led by Jamie Jenkins of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and John Quirke of Principea, the session will focus on how payroll professionals can deal with the changing dynamics of the modern workforce.

Differences in the workplace for men and women over the last four decades, as well as the effect measures such as the introduction of the National Minimum Wage have had on wages will be covered.

Jenkins said: “I will be showing how things vary for women with and without children and look at pay and the percentage of men and women who are among the top earners in the country and how this varies by age group.”
There are a small number of final places available at the Payroll World Spring Update on March 20, to ensure you benefit from the wide-range of payroll matters covered in-depth, book_ here

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