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Former students threatened with £150 fines due to RTI error 30 October 2013

Former students have received letters from the Student Loans Company (SLC) threatening them with £150 fines due to an RTI error.

An unknown number of letters, wrongly informing the individuals that they would receive the penalty if they failed to provide employment information, were distributed by the SLC over the summer.

Recipients were told that the SLC’s records showed them to not be in employment and were required to account for their work situation or face the £150 fine.

A spokesman for the SLC said: “Letters sent to customers as a result of information provided to HMRC by a number of employers were quickly identified as having been sent out in error.

“Urgent steps are being taken to let affected customers know and this will not have any impact on their accounts.”

The Revenue acknowledged the error was the result of Real Time Information problems, reported here in August.

Neither HMRC or the SLC could account for how many letters were sent out but said they were working to resolve the problem.

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