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Payroll should make staff aware of unnecessary SA penalties 22 August 2012

HMRC are issuing penalties notices of at least £1200 for people who have failed to submit their SA tax returns by this year’s February 2nd deadline.

The issue is exasperated by some workers ‘opting’ to complete an annual submission believing a tax saving can be made.

Clive Poole, payroll manager at Gloucestershire College, says the problem has been highlighted by staff contacting payroll after completing their SA with a figure different to what has already been returned at tax year end.

“I presume they are trying to claim allowances for relief on pension deductions, expenses, mileage and so on, which are already dealt with under HMRC approved company tax dispensations,” he said.

Genuine submissions

Some SA submissions may still be genuine as staff may have multiple roles or have a self-employed position.

“But the vast majority of staff here and in wider industries, paid under PAYE, are putting themselves at risk of hefty fines for no real purpose,” Poole warned.

As a result Poole has sent an email to all staff warning them over the possible risks and recommends other payroll departments do the same as a duty of care to employees.

The email sent to all Gloucestershire College staff states that “unless HMRC have specifically instructed you to complete this return, as you are paid under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxation system with the College, there is no requirement for you to complete this form and/or risk such penalties”.



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