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TPAS sees “growing interest” in automatic enrolment 26 July 2012

The service, an independent body supported by government, says it has seen growing interest in questions about automatic enrolment.

As a result it says it has started to prepare for an expected increase in questions as the requirements take effect and public awareness grows later this year.

Overall, the stats reveal a growing demand for information and guidance on pensions, highlighted in TPAS annual review of activities published last week.

It revealed an increase of 25% in visitors to its website, more than 68,000 calls to our helpline an increase of 8%. And, and it received more than 20,000 written questions, an increase of 12%.

But, just over 5,000 people contacted us for help about a complaint they had.
Most questions, however, related to people’s own pension arrangements and a desire to better understand their entitlement.

TPAS chief executive Marta Phillips said: “It is clear from last year’s work we continue to have a challenging agenda to meet the needs of the people we help; the pension reform agenda means that this demand is likely to grow and we are preparing for this.

“We are also pleased to continue to work with colleagues across the industry to help resolve the issues that come to us.”



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