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Entire KPMG UK workforce not paid on time due to human error 27 April 2012

Pic by Paul Wilkinson

Normally staff at the big four accountancy firm are paid on the 29th. If that falls on a weekend, as it does this month, they are paid the Friday before.

But a human error has led to 11,000 staff having to wait until Monday (30th April) to receive their wages.

A spokeswoman for KPMG told Payroll World that the problem was not with its supplier but originated within the firm.

“We hold our hands up over this, it was caused by a human error within KPMG,” she said.

An email was sent to all staff this morning (Friday) explaining the problem.

“We hope we told people in time to adjust any direct debits or payments from their accounts if they needed to. Our HR and finance teams are ready to help anyone who may face any hardship as a result of the mistake,” she said.

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