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More than a million P14 records remain unmatched by HMRC 4 April 2012

Of the approximately 60m P14s the Revenue received in 2010-11 2% were never matched and are retained in a non-match pool.

The P14 is set to become obsolete following the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) reporting, but much of the data submitted on the form will remain the same potentially causing millions of data submission to be rejected.

In many cases mismatches between employer and Revenue records have been attributed to employer ‘dirty data’, but the Revenue – though making the issue a priority – has downplayed the extent to which it happens.

Last month Payroll World reported how the Revenue was encouraging employers to submit accurate records and citing around 1,000 cases of employers entering invalid data into form fields.

Data combination

When asked about the gap between the 1,000 or so cases mentioned and the 1.2m revealed following a Freedom of Information request the Revenue said it required a combination of an accurate NINO, the individual’s full name, as well as an accurate date of birth to have the best chance of matching employees with its system.

“The reason for not matching could be one or a combination of these factors,” a spokesman said.

Where ultimately there is no additional information to enable a successful match P14s are retained in a non-match pool.

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