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Top story: Altmann: Toughest auto-enrolment challenges still to come

The second half of the auto-enrolment project will be “a much tougher ask” than the first, pensions minister Ros Altmann has warned. Read full story

Two-year cap on holiday pay claims comes into force

A two-year cap now applies on all claims for backdated holiday pay deductions. Read full story

Labour wants equalities watchdog to carry out gender pay audits

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) should audit Britain's biggest companies annually to check for differences in gender pay, according to the Labour Party. Read full story

Scrapping salary sacrifice would be ‘legally tricky’

Chancellor George Osborne will face legal difficulties if he tries to scrap salary sacrifice arrangements, pensions and benefits provider Broadstone has warned. Read full story

Court rules voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay

There is nothing in principle to prevent the inclusion of voluntary overtime in holiday pay, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal has ruled. Read full story